24K / 999 at $84 per gm | 22K / 916.6 at $79 per gm

24K / 999 at $84 per gm | 22K / 916.6 at $79 per gm

Auspicious Abacus Pendant



Modern oriental pendant in the shape of a Ruyi, inspired by the abacus—a classic symbol of wealth. Skillfully crafted in 18K white and yellow gold.


For The Peace-Loving

Touted as a girl's best friend, Diamond is in fact for everyone. It's a crystal of light. An energy amplifier. A force that never requires recharging. This iridescent gem symbolises endurance, eternity and longevity—so wear it to empower the soul to shine out. Last but not least, to enhance the love relationship you treasure.

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