24K / 999 at $105 per gm | 22K / 916.6 at $99 per gm


Here’s our way of saying thank you! Get to enjoy exclusive privileges on both gold and gem jewellery* when you join Poh Heng Privileges. Just spend a minimum of $200 at any of our stores to receive a lifetime membership to Poh Heng Privileges.

*Terms and conditions apply

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Poh Heng Privileges card for?


The Poh Heng Privileges card entitles the customers to a discount at all Poh Heng stores. Customers must present the card to receive a discount.

2. What level of discount will I get with the Poh Heng Privileges card?


Poh Heng Privileges entitles the cardholder to:

  • 10% off fixed price jewellery excluding Licensed Brands & Gold Bars
  • 10% off workmanship on pay-per weight jewellery
  • 10% off ala carte and package repair services

Find the full list of terms and conditions here

3. How can I get the Poh Heng Privileges card?


You can sign up for the Poh Heng Privileges card upon purchase with a minimum spend of $200.

4. Can I use the Poh Heng Privileges card immediately on my purchase?


Yes, the Poh Heng Privileges card can be used immediately, and the discount will be applied to your current purchase. Terms and conditions apply.

5. Will my Poh Heng Privileges card expire?


No, the Poh Heng Privileges provides a lifetime membership.

6. I lost my Poh Heng Privileges card. What should I do?


Simply spend a minimum spend $200 to receive a new Poh Heng Privileges card.

7. I forgot to bring my Poh Heng Privileges card. Can I still receive the discount?


As we do not store personal information, we will need you to present the Poh Heng Privileges card upon payment at all our outlets to enjoy the discounts.

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