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For the Regal

Perhaps nothing says royalty and luxury better than this purplish gem. Amethyst, which was used to decorate English regalia, was literally the jewel in the crown for royal families. The gem is also believed to embody powers to cleanse, heal and keep one clear-headed. Interestingly, the name came from "amethystos", which means "not drunken" in Greek.


For the Peace-Loving

If you crave the calming effects of the sea, immerse in the gentle grace of the Aquamarine. Reminiscent of sparkling seawaters, the crystal-blue gem was believed to be a wonderful lucky charm for sailors in ancient times. Today people wear it to protect themselves from negative energies, bring inner peace, and dispel anger—great as an anti-stress charm.

Cat’s Eye

For acumen

It's said that a cat's eye reveals everything. It lends you insight, helps you see deeper, farther. This magical-looking stone is believed to be beneficial to politicians, visionaries and leaders. So if you are aspiring for higher positions, let the Cat's Eye see to it.


For zest and success

With a name derived from "lemon" in French, this juicy-coloured stone is an instant mood-brightener. Delightfully available in colours ranging from lemon yellow to bright orangey brown, Citrine was worn as a protection against evil thoughts in ancient times. Today, it's known as the Success Stone, recommended for entrepreneurs or just about anyone.


For the Peace-Loving

Touted as a girl's best friend, Diamond is in fact for everyone. It's a crystal of light. An energy amplifier. A force that never requires recharging. This iridescent gem symbolises endurance, eternity and longevity—so wear it to empower the soul to shine out. Last but not least, to enhance the love relationship you treasure.


For love and youth

It's like experiencing the powers of Spring wherever you go. This lush crystal heals the being, brings freshness and restores vitality to the spirit. In fact, it helps romance blossom and bear fruits too, embodying the prowess to promote domestic bliss, unconditional love and even fertility.


For good luck and fortune

In Chinese history, Jade is just as revered as gold. The elegant gem has been especially prized as the stone for prosperity, healing, and warding off evil. It is also regarded as a "peacemaker", promoting calm, balance and harmony within the family.


For purity

It's said that every Pearl is a "teardrop of the moon". With this beautiful folklore and a glossy-white hue, the Pearl evokes purity, innocence and elegance. Which is why this gem remains one of the most classic embellishments on bridal gowns as well as the most timeless wedding jewellery.


For happiness

It's easy to imagine yourself in a summer garden with this brilliant green gem that glows with a tint of gold. Peridot is similar to the Emerald, only softer in intensity. Meaning "to give richness", this uplifting stone is said to bring light, beauty and joy into one's life.

Rose Quartz

For the heart

Known as the Heart Stone, Rose Quartz symbolises unconditional love. It opens the heart, allowing one to give and receive love. This charming pink stone has been used as a love token since as early as 600 B.C. and also a lucky charm to attract new romance.


For the noble

Besides passion, the glowing-red Ruby signifies prosperity and nobility. It was dubbed the Queen of Stones and Stone of Kings—admired by ancient monarchs as the most magnificent of gems. Looking for a jewel that befits your status? This prestigious stone is clearly fit for royalty.


For Celestial Beauty

Why is the sky blue? Rulers in ancient Persia believed that it was owed to the brilliant reflection of the Sapphire. Because of this, the stone has been perceived as a symbol of heaven, making it the perfect "celestial gift" for divine protection, good fortune and spiritual insight.

Smoky Quartz

For Fulfilments
and Achievements

It's dark yet bright. Smoky Quartz cleverly transforms negativity into positive energy. It also grounds you to earth, giving you a clear vision of your priorities to reach your goals. Business owners, researchers and students would love to own one.


For Intellectuals

The stone for writers, scholars, and artists. Topaz fires up your creative energies, sharpens intelligence, and promotes mental clarity. In case the mind goes into overdrive, this cerebral gem also helps curb insomnia, exhaustion, worries, and mood swings.


For Purity and Positivity

Detox. Relieve stress. Increase mental alertness—the list goes on. Tourmaline means "to dispel evil" in Mandarin and is also used for healing or shielding against the effects of urban pollution. Pink Tourmaline, in particular, is regarded as a loving stone for children, calming and comforting them to sleep.
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