A Promise of Perfection


Only less than 5% of the world’s diamonds are eligible to be a Poh Heng Trust Diamond.
We adopt a rigorous sourcing and curating process to hand-select the finest diamonds
for your ultimate assurance. Fulfilling exacting standards, every Trust Diamond goes beyond
the 4Cs—it’s a symbol of quality, perfection, and Trust.


The proportions, finish, symmetry, and polish of a diamond.
At Poh Heng, our round solitaire diamonds are of the ideal cut, with 57 facets perfected
by both mathematical and empirical analyses, creating that unrivalled megawatt brilliance.


Colourless diamonds are the “whitest”, brightest, and thus most prized.
At Poh Heng, a D-colour diamond is always our foremost recommendation.


E & F

G & H
Near Colourless

I & J
Near Colourless,
Slightly Tinted

K - M
Faint Yellow

N - R
Very Light Yellow

S - Z
Light Yellow


The unit of a diamond’s weight. 1 carat (ct) = 100 points or 0.20 grams


The clearness or purity of a diamond. The more valuable the diamond, the less
“inclusions” (blemishes interfering with shine).
At Poh Heng, our solitaire diamonds are curated to meet a minimum of VS1-clarity.
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