Tips for the
perfect proposal

What will make her say Yes? Besides being
the perfect partner you’ve always been, you
need the perfect plan.

The perfect TIMING

Popping the question at the right moment is half the battle won. So be sure to catch her in the right mood when she’s most relaxed and comfortable to talk about marriage.

The perfect RING

The proposal ring symbolises your devotion, so it has to be pure, brilliant, and true. While all diamonds represent eternity, their quality varies according to the 4Cs—Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat. At Poh Heng, we understand that you want only the best for the woman of your life, so our foremost recommendation is a diamond of D-colour and VS1-clarity. Highly coveted, such diamonds are bright, colourless, and virtually flawless with quality that stands the test of time, just like your love.

The perfect SURPRISE

Most women would appreciate a surprise, so exercise some creativity. Is it a playful song and dance?  Is it displaying a magic trick? Put a smile on her face and it’ll be no surprise that she says YES.

This is the time when words
speak louder than actions.

The perfect Words

Okay, surprise just isn’t your thing. That’s all right because your sincerity still counts the most. Touch her with heartfelt reasons for wanting to spend your life with her. Recount the moment you fell for her. If no words could describe your love, tell her exactly so. This is the time when words speak louder than actions.

Nothing says Trust like a Poh Heng solitaire diamond ring.
Presenting the Trust Diamond—it’s endured a long journey of
tests, just like a devoted relationship should.

Why Poh Heng’s diamonds
are more precious


Only less than 5% of the world’s diamonds are eligible to be a Poh Heng Trust Diamond. We adopt a rigorous sourcing and curating process to hand-select the finest diamonds. Every Trust Diamond goes beyond the 4Cs—it’s a symbol of perfection and the ultimate assurance.


Impeccably crafted with 57 facets, our round solitaire diamonds are of the ideal cut, perfected by both mathematical and empirical analyses to create unrivalled brilliance.


Colourless diamonds are the “whitest” and brightest. At Poh Heng, we recommend a D-colour diamond, for its unparalleled sparkle.


The unit of a diamond’s weight is known as carat.
1 carat (ct) = 100 points or 0.20 grams. View the crème de la crème, with our 5.5-carat Trust Diamond.


The fewer “inclusions” (blemishes interfering with shine) a diamond has, the clearer and thus more prized it is. Poh Heng Trust Diamonds are curated to meet a minimum of VS1-clarity.

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