In more ways than one, gold is who we are.

As Singapore’s leader in gold jewellery for 70 years,
we’ve always believed that machines cannot replace the human touch in the creation
of fine jewellery. Crafting, polishing, assembly - nothing goes amiss when you have
the stroke of an artisan’s hands and the scrutiny of his eyes.

Our dedication to quality is why every piece of Poh Heng jewellery comes to bear
the lion’s head logo - Singapore’s hallmark for gold purity certified by the Singapore
Assay Office (SAO).

We do this because among all that we have to offer,
Nothing is Quite As Precious As Trust. This is what makes us gold.

Our Milestones

As with all success stories, Poh Heng Jewellery began
with a dream. The year was 1936. 16-year-old Chng Tok Ngam left his home in China, seeking his future in the new
land of promise—Singapore.

He started as an apprentice at his uncle’s
goldsmith shop and that was his first step
into the world of fine jewellery.

The Inception


Then the significant turn came. Together with
his father-in-law Lim Tong Buan, Tok Ngam started
Poh Heng Jewellery. “Poh” means “precious”
in Mandarin while “Heng” means “luck” in the
Teochew dialect.

Poh Heng’s first store opened at 691 North
Bridge Road. From day one, Tok Ngam held
one business philosophy: Trust was the key
to success. With this belief came a solid reputation
for integrity and honesty, and Poh Heng
soon prospered.

These gold hair pins that decorated the
popular “bun” hairstyles of the time
were also, we believe, used by the
ladies to “poke” some sense into overly
ardent lovers.


Poh Heng, the first jeweller to
venture into shopping malls, opens at
People’s Park Complex. Till today,
it remains as one of Poh Heng’s flagship stores.


Expansion continues and Poh Heng
becomes the first major jeweller to make
its way into housing estates, inching closer
to the hearts of Singaporeans.  

A riot of colour, and a surface
with a pronounced 3D look.


Poh Heng relocates to the crossing
of South Bridge Road and North Canal Road,
which houses its headquarters till today.

A butterfly in jade, an
expression of freedom and

The passing of Founder Chng Tok Ngam marks
the beginning of a new management helmed by
Managing Director Chng Seng Mok.


Poh Heng celebrates its 50th anniversary,
with a Heritage Exhibition of rare items
from past jewellery collections.

Poh Heng refreshes
its brand image with
a new logo and store-look.


Hooray! Poh Heng secures the
rights to design and retail
Disney Baby Fine Jewellery!


Officially recognised for trusted
quality and reliable service, Poh Heng
is now a member of the Quality Jewellers of Singapore.


Poh Heng is the first jewellery brand
to be conferred the Heritage Brand award.


Poh Heng is voted
“Top Performing Luxury Brand 2006/7
in the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Award.

ORO22, Poh Heng’s flagship gold
collection, makes its debut.


Arriving at yet another milestone— Poh Heng’s 60th anniversary.
“Feel like a diamond” campaign and exhibition pays tribute to
the evolution of women and fashion in the past six decades.

The coveted Hello Kitty Fine
Jewellery greets Singapore’s fans.

The original wedding band
collection CHERISH® is launched.

And with “I am Gold” campaign, Poh Heng
reaffirms it self as Singapore’s trusted
pioneer gold jeweller.


The Brand pays homage to its master craftsman,
the hero behind Poh Heng’s flawlessly-handcrafted jewellery.

At Poh Heng we have always believed the human touch
cannot be replaced when it comes to the creation of our
jewellery. Yes, machines are useful as aids, but the
craftsman is key to bringing great designs to life.


Gold jewellery unleashes daring versatility
with Poh Heng’s new 22K collections,
Gold Unlimited and Gold Uninhibited.


Garden Sonnet debuts in Singapore,
paying tribute to our garden city.


Hello Kitty celebrates 40th birthday with
Poh Heng debuting anniversary collection, Pretty Please.    

The year also shines with the new Mixi.GOLD
- Gold jewellery has never been this chic and sassy.

Poh Heng honours the Nation’s 50th birthday with
limited-edition SG50 medallion and The Peranakan
Ensemble, a commemorative jewellery series.


The Lady, a masterpiece collection inspired
by the female’s elegance, resilience and timelessness,
makes its stunning debut.


New Carousel Charms® beckons you to
a world of magical charm.


A momentous year for Poh Heng as the Brand launches Trust®,
a high-end solitaire diamond jewellery line, demonstrating once again
our commitment to impeccable quality.


Yet another golden chapter. Poh Heng celebrates 70 years,
exemplifying decades of trusted craftsmanship with commemorative
collections including The Journey.

Hello World

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