SAO Certified

When you buy from Poh Heng, you are buying the very best. Our products are hallmarked by the
Singapore Assay Office (SAO) to ensure that the gold fineness meets Singapore’s strict standards. Look out for the SAO logo, which bears the symbol of a lion head, as every assayed piece of jewellery is stamped with this reputable quality-control hallmark.


Poh Heng’s gold jewellery

Exchange for new gold product with your 750/18K,916/22K, or 999/24K product: 95% of gross-weight gold value at prevailing retail gold price

Exchange for cash with your 916/22K or 999/24K product:
82% of gross-weight gold value at prevailing retail gold price. Thereafter, an additional 10% less of the computed sum.

Poh Heng’s Trust Diamond

Upgrade to next tier of solitaire Trust Diamond:
95% of nett diamond value (diamond only) at Poh Heng’s prevailing solitaire rate. (Solitaire diamond must be in original condition, accompanied by its original GIA certificate.)

Terms & Conditions subject to change without prior notice.

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