Our Milestones

To The Lady
The Lady Collection
Celebrating craft, beauty and amazing women.
The Art of Gold event debuts The Lady,
a masterpiece collection inspired by the
female’s elegance, resilience and timelessness.
Featuring Elizabeth, Poh Heng’s first gold
clutch bag, crafted from 27-facet yellow gold
beads for the ultimate shine.
Carousel Charms, Magical Christmas

Poh Heng excits jewellery lovers with Carousel Charms, a new line that grants you the thrill of personalising your own charm bracelets. First in the line is the Christmas series, featuring whimsical designs that capture the joyous holiday spirit and with more Carousel Charms to come, Poh heng promises – the fun has just begun.


2015 Golden Jubilee

Let's celebrate together. Sincerity. Reliability. Integrity. Growing with Singapore has taught Poh Heng precious values, which the Brand has held fast.

In commemoration of Singapore's 50 yeras of independence, Poh Heng created the SG50 Singapura, an iconic, limited-edition medallion in 22K yellow gold.

Embracing tradition

Commemorating Singapore's 50th birthday, Poh Heng debuts the Peranakan Ensemble. The 13-piece limited edition symbolises Singapore's unique culture, showcasing Peranakan jewellery with a modern touch.

A journey renewed

"I am Gold" campaign is given a fresh look, likening Poh Heng's gold jewellery to a woman's trusted friend - who is with you on every journey.

A Journey of Trust begins with every piece.
Brilliant concept

Gold jewellery is enlivened with Mixi.GOLD - versatile rings and necklaces that you can stack, layer and mix to create a style truly your own.


ORO22 sashays in with summer lustre.
The world's most adored feline celerates its 40th anniversary with Poh Heng.


A golden tribute to our Garden City.


Poh Heng explores the versatility and dynamism of gold.
New colours come to 22K gold.

Wear all your colours. In solid 22K gold

Leather meets gold.

22K gold steps out in style with rugged, rebellious leather. Poh Heng presents the latest ORO22 at an exclusive event that breaks the rules, and takes gold beyond the obvious.

Minnie Mouse loves gold.


A Poh Heng tribute to the Master Craftman.

At a modest, well-worn workstation consisting of a simple wooden table and a set of much used tools, he sits working intently. The light from the overhead lamp glints off the small piece of gold over which he bends, carefully polishing it with a tungsten carbide-tipped pen. Steady hands, keen eyes, all concentration. For the past 20 years, the master craftsman has been an invaluable part of Poh Heng. He is the one entrusted to bring the invaluable human touch to all our creations.

Touched by human hands.

When Poh Heng started out in the late 1940s, machines were few; hand-crafting was the order of the day. In the 1960s, there were almost 2,000 skilled gold craftsmen in Singapore. Today, there are a mere 200 or so. At Poh Heng we have always believed the human touch cannot be replaced when it comes to the creation of our jewellery. Yes, machines are useful as aids, but the craftsman is key to bringing great designs to life. This is why we work closely with a team of 15 craftsmen and do our utmost to nurture this tradition. For the gold craft is difficult to learn, and most challenging to become a master of.

But first, some coffee.

Back in the day, one started off as young as 15 when learning the art of gold smithing and jewellery crafting. It was also not uncommon if all you got to do in the early days was serve coffee to the senior craftsmen. Masters in this field are fiercely protective of their methods and styles, and not very eager to teach. That is, until they find a true student. Someone with spark, commitment, patience. And, yes, a mean talent for fetching coffee.

The discs of the eclectic Mademoiselle Magnifique feature a wave which can only be achieved by a master artisan, a machine is simply not up to this kind of task.
Five years, and a lifetime.

Becoming a junior apprentice entails months spent just learning and perfecting the technique of polishing gold. From there, five years are spent delving into the vast range of processes and skills of gold crafting. Melting, casting, moulding, stamping, finishing... mastering knowledge old and new. Only then is one deemed ready to take independent charge.

Yet, however many years – or decades – one practices as a master craftsman, the learning never stops. Gold may be strong and resilient, but it is also soft and most malleable. This complicates things. Sculpting and finishing is always challenging; it may take up to 80 days to make a simple ring, more than six months to complete an elaborate ornament. What’s more, the demands of modern design keep pushing the frontiers of crafting to ever more sophisticated levels.

Yet the craftsman knows giving up is not an option. A way has to be found, a new technique mastered and a perfect piece made.

Of beauty, seen and unseen.

The craftsman finishes polishing a gold piece. Now its's ready to be part of the ORO22 necklace he is working on. Most of Poh Heng's 22K gold brand ORO22 are hand-finished by the master craftsman himself. These skills are evident in much of our signature jewellery.

In fact, almost all the gold jewellery you will see at our stores have been crafted, assembled and finished by our team of craftsmen. As they work ayway quiety in humble workshops, bringing our the beaut of gold. Steady hands, keen eyes, all concentration.



Putting on a golden show

A fabulously bold fashion show on gold and its place in the life of today’s woman.


Exclusive brands launched

Poh Heng launches Hello Kitty exclusive fine jewellery for lovers of the world’s favourite cat.

Poh Heng introduces Cherish, the original wedding band. And just like love, it’s plain and simple

i am gold Gold is an attitude. Of confidence and trust. You’ll find it in what we do, in who we are. In all that is Poh Heng.

There’s a touch of gold in us. A unique exploration of its facets in the “I am gold” corporate campaign.


60th Anniversary
Poh Heng celebrates its 60th anniversary

with the memorable "Feel like a diamond" campaign and exhibition, that speak of the evolution of women and fashion in these six decades.


Poh Heng launches two exclusive brands.


Poh Heng is voted “Top Performing Luxury Brand” in the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Award.

ORO 22

Poh Heng’s premium 22K gold collection launched at a Runway Show at the Singapore Jewelfest.


Poh Heng’s contemporary brand created for today’s independent woman who favours bold, distinctive designs.


Poh Heng becomes a member of the Quality Jewellers of Singapore as a mark of its good service quality and trusted reliability


Poh Heng is the first jewellery brand to be conferred the Heritage Brand Award.

Poh Heng is also voted by consumers across Asia as a “Top Performing Luxury Brand” and is awarded the Reader’s Digest Super Brand award

Poh Heng opens in Changi Airport, Terminal 1.

up to 2000

Poh Heng continues to expand with a series of stores in shopping malls and suburban centres throughout the island.


Poh Heng refreshes its image

with a complete rebranding and introduces a new logo and look to its stores.


Everbody's favourite friens

Having secured exclusive rights to create the designs and retail Disney Baby Fine Jewellery, Poh Heng Jewellery launched the Baby Mickey and Minnie Mouse jewellery collection, along with Baby Pooh in 2003. Today, it still remains the exclusive licensee in Singapore for this world-renown brand.


  • Locket
  • Pill box
  • Key-holder
  • Scroll locket
  • Ear-digger Ear-digger/
  • tooth pick
Poh Heng celebrates its 50th anniversary

with a Heritage Exhibition displaying rare items from past collections at its People’s Park Complex store. On this special occasion, Poh Heng also requested customers who had jewellery bought in 1948 to come forth with their items and receipts. The first customer to present the receipt received 50 times the original amount spent; the rest got 5 times the amount they spent in 1948.

50th Anniversary


Poh Heng’s original shop is demolished as part of Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Programme. Poh Heng relocates to its own building at the crossing of South Bridge Road and North Canal Road, which houses its corporate headquarters till today.

A butterfly in jade, an expression of freedom and colour

Among the many chunkydesigns that became popular, there were the gold framependants embellished with precious stones to hold prized Credit Suisse 24K gold wafers


Poh Heng opens at Parkway Parade

The opening attracts so many customers that the next shop has to be rented to cope with the overwhelming numbers.

Chng Tok Ngam, the founder, passes away. Management of Poh Heng passes to Chng Seng Mok, current Managing Director.


Poh Heng is the first jeweller to venture into the new shopping space: the shopping malls; and opens at People’s Park Complex. This becomes the brand’s flagship store

Through the ’70s, Poh Heng is the first to add several new collections: 18K gold, white gold, diamond, and coloured gems

The popular grape pendant in its seventies version. Note the raised centre adding new dimension.


Poh Heng is the first major jeweller to enter housing estates

and realise the potential of this untapped market.


The first Poh Heng store opens at 691 North Bridge Road.

The store draws huge crowds on the opening day and expands to the adjacent shop space about a year later.

These gold hair pins that decorated the popular bun hairstyles of the time were also, we believe, used by the ladies to poke some sense into overly ardent lovers.

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