Our Journey

In 1936, a 16-year-old boy left his home in China and set off to seek his future in Singapore - the land of promise.

Chng Tok Ngam found work as an ordinary apprentice in his uncle's goldsmith shop. Within a few years he made his mark as a dedicated and smart worker. What’s more, he showed definite leadership qualities and progressed to become shop manager. After the war, Tok Ngam decided to venture into his own business and together with a fellow entrepreneur, set up a silver and goldsmith shop.

In 1948, twelve years after stepping into the world of fine jewellery as a mere assistant, Tok Ngam's journey took its most significant turn. He decided it was time to set off on his own and, together with his father-in-law Lim Tong Buan, started Poh Heng Jewellery. "Poh", or "precious" in Mandarin came from his nickname; while "Heng", meaning "luck" in the Teochew dialect, was a popular word for business names in those days.

Poh Heng’s first store opened at 691 North Bridge Road. Right from Day One, Tok Ngam had an unwavering business philosophy: trust was the key to success. Poh Heng had to be well-known for its honesty and trustworthiness. Quality had to be impeccable to earn this trust; and relationships, whether with customers or business partners, had to be developed and maintained based on this same philosophy.

With this philosophy came a solid reputation for integrity and honesty, and Poh Heng soon prospered to such an extent that the store had to be expanded to include units 689 right up to 691. The rest, as they say, is proverbial history...


Fast forward 60 years later, and our founder's vision still leads us. Poh Heng's designs may have moved with the trends, but every piece of jewellery is still meticulously crafted and hallmarked, guaranteeing everything it promises to be.

Today, our signature: "Nothing is quite as precious as trust", reflects the commitment made at the very beginning. It also speaks of the bond we’ve enjoyed with our customers all these years.

Awarded the prestigious Singapore Heritage Board recognition as one of Singapore's pioneer jewellers, Poh Heng is constantly evolving. As our customers have moved from generation to generation and new to newer ideas, so have we. Only one thing remains unchanged - our commitment to your trust.

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