I Am Gold

Now. Classic. True.

In more ways than one, gold is who we are. As Singapore’s leader in gold for over 60 years,
Poh Heng is one of the country’s hallmark brands.

We’ve always believed that machines cannot replace the human touch in the creation of fine jewellery. Crafting, polishing,
assembly... nothing goes amiss when you have the stroke of an artisan’s hands and the scrutiny of his eyes.

Attention to detail that puts the heart and soul into every masterpiece. Strict standards and quality control across all products.
You’re assured that when you buy from us, you buy the very best. Every piece of Poh Heng jewellery bears the lion’s head
logo—a Singapore hallmark for gold purity certified by the Singapore Assay Office (SAO).

We do this because among all that we have to offer you, Nothing is Quite as Precious as Trust.
You’ll find trust in all that is Poh Heng. This is what makes us gold.

Find out how Poh Heng jewellery is crafted and produced to bear SAO’s hallmark for gold purity.

What is Gold? We believe it's a lifetime journey of trust. We demonstrate it through the
quality of our products, together with our sincere service. "Once a Poh Heng customer,
always a Poh Heng customer"—it’s a philosophy we’re always committed to.

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